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Hello first timer! We are excited to meet YOU and have the opportunity to listen and evaluate if we can help YOU achieve your health goals. On your first experience with us, we will listen and do an in-depth consultation about your health history,  health concerns/limitations, and what goals YOU are looking to achieve. We will then move forward into our customized evaluation process starting with your posture and evaluating the asymmetries. From there, we will continue to with our neurological/orthopedic exam to evaluate how certain areas of your spine are moving. We will finally finish with our state-of-the-art thermography scan, to determine if YOU have a severally pinched nerve. All of these steps are necessary to determine if this is a simple muscle issue or a severe nerve related issue :). Click "SELECT TIME" and "ADD TO CART" for your FIRST LIMITLESS CHIROPRACTIC EXPERIENCE!!



  • Consultation                                       ($50)
  • Posture Exam                                     ($50)
  • Neurological Exam                             ($75)
  • Thermography Scan                          ($75)
  • Neuro-Muscle Scan                           ($75)

             ONLY $149                                ($325 Value) 

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CONSULT & EXAM - Limitless Chiropractic
CONSULT & EXAM - Limitless Chiropractic