Chiropractic Services at Limitless Chiropractic

Overview Of Chiropractic Services

The Chiropractors and Upper Cervical Care experts at Limitless Chiropractic utilize specific Chiropractic services with state of the art paraspinal thermography technology to quickly improve ones quality of life. By locating monitoring trouble spots in the neck and spine with this technology, we are able to focus on creating a customized recovery plan using specific chiropractic adjustments and care.

The chiropractic adjustment technique used by Limitless Chiropractic is among the most up-to-date, functional, scientific, and neurologically based model.

A specific chiropractic adjustment is delivered only when nervous system dysfunction is present as indicated by paraspinal thermography. When clinically necessary, the adjustment is made to the spine to restore integrity within the nervous system.

Following the adjustment, the client undergoes a post-adjustment recuperative phase for 15-20 minutes by relaxing in one of our healing bays with noise canceling headphones; after which, another thermograph is used to confirm that the correction has been made. The correction allows the doctor and client to see we are seeing timely and effective results.

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Chiropractic Services Delivering Real Results

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